Monday, December 10, 2007

This Charming Man

Clint Rickards is a Class A scumbag, not that that is news to anyone, but he plumbs new depths with his interview with new BFF Willie Jackson.

Rickards claims he was the scapegoat of "the women" in the Labour government and a 'sick' woman manipulated by the Pakeha media, a woman so 'sick', he had to have sex with her.
So familar story with Rickards, bullshit bullshit and more bullshit.

Later in the interview Willie Jackson tries to make it into a race issue, so Rickards - Maori - gets off virtually scot-free with a pay out while his Pakeha buddies Dewar, Schollum & Shipton rot in jail, and Willie still has the chutzpah to wheel out "Is it coz i iz black?" for his buddy Clint.

Maybe with all the offenders involved being men and all of the known victims being women, gender could have had more to do with it than ethnicity.
Nah, that's just being silly.

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