Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mangere, NZ's Bible Belt?

The destiny church is setting it's sights on Mangere as the anchor seat for it's "Family" Party.
I dunno about you, but if I was trying to jump-start the Christian Right revolution at the ballot box, I wouldn't target the seat with the largest Labour majority.
They may only need more than an 1000 percent increase in vote but I don't think even a messiah named Brian could pull this off. (Someone called Karl on the other hand..)
Prime News reported that the opening rally in a Mangere carpark attracted almost 100 people so it looks like the self-proclaimed Bishop has work cut out for him.

Maybe this shiny new logo will make the difference, I'm sure choosing almost the exact same shade of orange as the Electoral Commission uses in all it's election materials was purely unintentional.

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Rich said...

Plus I assume that if Field isn't in jail by then, he'll be running for another god-botherer party. Thus splitting the vote.