Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coal in Labour's Christmas stocking

The TVNZ & TV3 polls represent another toweling for Labour as they burn off more soft voters inching closer to just the 30% 'hardcore' base, whose politics while dissimilar from loyal Bushies, their loyalty is not.

It is a little annoying to see both TV3 & One shrilly decree that the Greens are in trouble with 4.8 & 4.6 in their polls, while neglecting to mention the common trend of third parties to poll lower outside an election year. TV3 even stated that the last time the Greens polled under 5% was 3 years ago, one year out from an election.
The Green vote should strengthen in 2008 especially if the perception of a losing Labour Party sets in.

To get his party over 50% all John Key has had to do is sit back and watch Labour implode under the weight of it's own stupidity.
At least Don Brash's poll surges came on the back of policy announcements to bash Maori, cut taxes and get rid of that "PC jibber-jabber".

If Labour stopped obsessing over regulating the Exclusive Brethren's ineffectual pamphlets and forced National to say what they would do better, they could reverse this trend.
There's a real possibility that National could gain power without having to state it's policies.
Recent examples in 1984 & 1990 didn't turn out so well.

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