Monday, December 10, 2007

John Key, Puppy Strangler

If the John Key obsession at The Standard is any indication, it seems Labour's 2008 election theme will be
John Key is a rich weirdo who's going retrospectively invade Iraq and sell off our schools to the Exclusive Brethren and our roads, hospitals and prisons to the Americans.

And you'll never believe this, Key is such a freak he has a picture of a fossilised seal on his flickr page!

And this comes after Key's nefarious scheme to deprive Coldplay of their royalties came unstuck thanks to the power of the blogosphere or rather, a print journalist and a law firm.

And then he had the nerve to call Labour's Ginger Spice Darren Hughes, "the son Helen Clark never had", which had the Standard recoiling in horror at the mention of 'son' and 'Helen Clark' in the same sentence.
Although to be fair that comment was inappropriate as children aren't normally fitted with a leash nor bark on command. And Darren is a very good boy, ohyesheis.

And don't forget John Key sniffed some fruit, call in the freak police!
Key's obviously such a rich prick, that he's never had to purchase vegetables for himself in his life. But if our great leader Helen had done it, it would be evidence of her being fully informed before making a decision.

If this is the approach Labour is going to take in next year's election campaign they'd be better off conceding now and preparing for 2011.

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