Friday, December 28, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coal in Labour's Christmas stocking

The TVNZ & TV3 polls represent another toweling for Labour as they burn off more soft voters inching closer to just the 30% 'hardcore' base, whose politics while dissimilar from loyal Bushies, their loyalty is not.

It is a little annoying to see both TV3 & One shrilly decree that the Greens are in trouble with 4.8 & 4.6 in their polls, while neglecting to mention the common trend of third parties to poll lower outside an election year. TV3 even stated that the last time the Greens polled under 5% was 3 years ago, one year out from an election.
The Green vote should strengthen in 2008 especially if the perception of a losing Labour Party sets in.

To get his party over 50% all John Key has had to do is sit back and watch Labour implode under the weight of it's own stupidity.
At least Don Brash's poll surges came on the back of policy announcements to bash Maori, cut taxes and get rid of that "PC jibber-jabber".

If Labour stopped obsessing over regulating the Exclusive Brethren's ineffectual pamphlets and forced National to say what they would do better, they could reverse this trend.
There's a real possibility that National could gain power without having to state it's policies.
Recent examples in 1984 & 1990 didn't turn out so well.

Friday, December 14, 2007

TVNZ poll will be 'superbad' for Labour

I heard yesteday that the opinion poll TVNZ is releasing in the weekend looks really bad for Labour. The poll was conducted over the past week or so, right in the middle of the EFB debacle.

It will be interesting to see just how much more soft support Labour have lost, and how close they are getting to 30% and just the 'hardcore' supporters.

Perhaps this poll along with their own (bad) internal polling might give Labour pause for a rethink and come up with some sort of face-saving compromise before the EFB vote on Tuesday.
Yeah Right.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sincerely Trevor

Previously unaired NZ Post TV commercial with our boy Trevor Mallard.

Monday, December 10, 2007

This Charming Man

Clint Rickards is a Class A scumbag, not that that is news to anyone, but he plumbs new depths with his interview with new BFF Willie Jackson.

Rickards claims he was the scapegoat of "the women" in the Labour government and a 'sick' woman manipulated by the Pakeha media, a woman so 'sick', he had to have sex with her.
So familar story with Rickards, bullshit bullshit and more bullshit.

Later in the interview Willie Jackson tries to make it into a race issue, so Rickards - Maori - gets off virtually scot-free with a pay out while his Pakeha buddies Dewar, Schollum & Shipton rot in jail, and Willie still has the chutzpah to wheel out "Is it coz i iz black?" for his buddy Clint.

Maybe with all the offenders involved being men and all of the known victims being women, gender could have had more to do with it than ethnicity.
Nah, that's just being silly.

John Key, Puppy Strangler

If the John Key obsession at The Standard is any indication, it seems Labour's 2008 election theme will be
John Key is a rich weirdo who's going retrospectively invade Iraq and sell off our schools to the Exclusive Brethren and our roads, hospitals and prisons to the Americans.

And you'll never believe this, Key is such a freak he has a picture of a fossilised seal on his flickr page!

And this comes after Key's nefarious scheme to deprive Coldplay of their royalties came unstuck thanks to the power of the blogosphere or rather, a print journalist and a law firm.

And then he had the nerve to call Labour's Ginger Spice Darren Hughes, "the son Helen Clark never had", which had the Standard recoiling in horror at the mention of 'son' and 'Helen Clark' in the same sentence.
Although to be fair that comment was inappropriate as children aren't normally fitted with a leash nor bark on command. And Darren is a very good boy, ohyesheis.

And don't forget John Key sniffed some fruit, call in the freak police!
Key's obviously such a rich prick, that he's never had to purchase vegetables for himself in his life. But if our great leader Helen had done it, it would be evidence of her being fully informed before making a decision.

If this is the approach Labour is going to take in next year's election campaign they'd be better off conceding now and preparing for 2011.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mangere, NZ's Bible Belt?

The destiny church is setting it's sights on Mangere as the anchor seat for it's "Family" Party.
I dunno about you, but if I was trying to jump-start the Christian Right revolution at the ballot box, I wouldn't target the seat with the largest Labour majority.
They may only need more than an 1000 percent increase in vote but I don't think even a messiah named Brian could pull this off. (Someone called Karl on the other hand..)
Prime News reported that the opening rally in a Mangere carpark attracted almost 100 people so it looks like the self-proclaimed Bishop has work cut out for him.

Maybe this shiny new logo will make the difference, I'm sure choosing almost the exact same shade of orange as the Electoral Commission uses in all it's election materials was purely unintentional.

Bill Ralston. Former Journalist.

I know Bill Ralston is no longer a journalist and doesn't need to check facts, but really...

The weird thing is that Australia should not be that much richer than New Zealand but it is. Yes, it has the luxury of sitting on top of a rich pile of minerals but New Zealand actually earns more from its humble farms than Australia makes from mining.

I thought that couldn't possibly be true and typing three words into a search engine proved it.

Mining makes up 5.6% of Australia's GDP - ($645 - $789 billion depending on which estimates you choose)

Depending on how broad your definition of 'humble farms' is, NZ's agriculture sector accounts for between 4.3% - 16% of NZ's GDP ($100-$115 billion depending on which estimates you choose)

Even when using the most favorable (and wrong) statistics and definitions, Australia's mining industry still bests NZ's agriculture industry $32 billion to $18 billion.