Friday, January 11, 2008

A Murder on Facebook

I hate Facebook, I really do, however it seems to be becoming the default opt-in electronic surveillance system for the 20+ demographic. There are some privacy restrictions, however many people are either too vain or naive to understand that anyone in their "Network" (i.e the entire country) can look at their personal details.

The young Otago university graduate who was murdered by her former boyfriend two days ago had a 'open' facebook account, and the print media has not hesitated to browse her personal photo albums there to find suitably poignant pictures for their stories.

From the news reports about the 10 year age difference between the psycho ex-boyfriend and his victim and the personal photos on the victim's facebook page, we can deduce the probable identity of the murderer despite there being an interim name suppression order, although this was probably just for the benefit of the killer's employer who are quickly removing any trace of him from the internet.

The victim's facebook profile now remains permanently open on the internet for everyone to see, the genuine optimism of her young life frozen in time, along with the unfortunate choice of superpoke made a couple of months earlier by her eventual killer.
If anything can be learned from the aftermath of this horrible event, it's that people need to check the privacy setting on their facebook profiles to ensure they are not publicly accessible

If you come to an unforeseen ending do you really want any and everybody looking through everything you've ever posted on that site, and some jackasses publishing your personal photographs in a newspaper or linking to your personal details from their lame blog?


andy said...

bugger so my bebo, myspace pages of my naked photos are not being looked at any more since i last updated in 2006.

Ultimate narcissists join this shit, I talk to my real friends 'I have 3,000 contacts and my mood is, Happy" who give a s$%t.

Good work on the revamp, and welcome back..

Rich said...

1. I do not intend to come to an unforeseen ending. I aim to die quietly in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror, like the passengers in his car.

2. Should the unlikely happen, I won't care, coz I'll be dead.

3. I don't use my real name. For anything.