Thursday, January 31, 2008

CommunoFascism a GoGo

This blog has now achieved official political hermaphrodite status.

According the Labour Party's unofficial blog the Standard, we are of the right-wing persuasion, or as we like to call it - 'fascists', but now the ultimate arbitrator of NZ-blog political alignments, National's dpf has deemed us to be on the 'left' or rather, 'communists'.

Being listed as political opposites of & can only mean one thing, we are the NZ Blog-Clique's Peter Dunne.


Will de Cleene said...

Well, I've gone from flip-flopper to fascist on your blogroll. Everything is subjective, eh.

ThreePointTurn said...

I'll blame Farrar for that one.

lprent said...

If you insist. Moved to Other