Saturday, January 19, 2008

McDonald's Kaitaia scores PR own-goal

McDonald's Kaitaia have won a gagging order against a former employee ordering him shut down his blog that discussed issues at his workplace.

Two offending posts were removed from the blog and the former employee is to "refrain from making any written statements or posting any information on digital media about McDonald's, or any of its staff", because there could be nothing more harmful to a large corporation than a badly written ramble by a former low-level employee.

However the offending blog posts were archived on technorati and have been reproduced on a blogger site here - McDonalds Kaitaia Blog
So congratulations McDonalds Kaitaia you have now ensured that more people will read the "offensive material" than ever would have otherwise and in the process damaged your reputation more than your former employee's misspelt words ever could have.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one of those that wouldn't have read it otherwise!
I'm no lawyer but I suspect that, having become aware of the material, the company is obiliged to act for protection of employees mentioned or face action from them.