Friday, January 16, 2009


Funny how our new and wonderful Minister of Social Development was not present at the economic summit/meeting/talk-fest of Ministers yesterday. Her ministry is going be taking on massive numbers of new 'clients' in 2009 and MSD programs should be an essential component of any poverty alleviation and economic stimulus measures.
Instead Mactional's 'plan' so far seems to be to funnel taxpayer money through business and cutting public spending in a repeat of the failed trickle-down policies of the past.


Julie said...

I like the picture.

The rest of my comment has nothing to do with the post, and will begin now:
I'm a little confused about The Hand Mirror being tagged "CCCP" on your blogroll, as none of us really know that much about anime, not even the two bloggers who are in the Labour party.

Snuggles and cupcakes.

ThreePointTurn said...

Obviously not a regular reader of kiwiblog then, otherwise you would be well aware of the linkage between feminism and communism.