Thursday, March 06, 2008

Who is John Key? Part II: John Key is Barack Obama

Nominated by Chris Trotter and Peter Dunne

Barack Obama and Key both share English as a first language.

Both were born on a Pacific island, within four days of each other, so they could conceivably be twins.

Obama's middle name is "Hussein". John Key's middle name is "Putin"

Current opponent is a polarising female career politician with the initials "HC"

Obama has run on a message of change. John Key is a candidate of change.


Obama's election slogan is Hope. Action. Change.
John Key's slogan is I'm. Not. Helen Clark.

John Key is not a muslim.

Obama possesses oratory skills and charisma rarely seen in a modern political leader.
John Key has a classical tory lisp and the finest oratory skills since Don Brash.

Michelle Obama is a far more attractive "Dick Cheney" than Bill English.

Our verdict: No. if a comparision with an American Democratic canididate is really necessary, try John Kerry. "I was against the repeal of Section 59, before I voted for it, but when I'm charge I'm going to repeal it"


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton and Obama are both
puppets of the, commonly known as, the "ILLUMINATI" viz rulers of the world. Do a bit of research and see for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, according to wikipedia John Key's middle name is not Putin but Phillip.