Friday, December 09, 2005

No Rhetoric please, We're New Zealanders

American Taliban?
So they must be stoning people to death in the streets, amputating dissenters, blowing up non-Christian religious treasures, banning sport, music, film and televison and providing safe haven for terrorist organisations.
No, not quite, A professor got beaten up by a couple of idiots and some Christians wrote to a company complaining about advertising in a gay magazine.

Homophobic bigots?
Oh please, just because one has the belief that a "marriage is between a man and a woman" does not make them a homophobe. Some homosexuals are against gay marriage, does this make them homophobic too? Yes the bill was pointless and ridiculous but just because one has a difference of opinion does not neccessarily make them Fred Phelps or the re-incarnation of the Tailban.

To use such ridiculous rhetoric makes you no better than those you are arguing against.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Up ya nose with a Rubber Hose

To be honest, I've never had much love for David Benson-Pope, with the nap-time in question-time and of course he has a hypenated surname which as everyone knows is a sure sign of a tyrant.

But seriously, it now looks like Benson-Pope would have been better off if the Police had laid actual charges over the affair. He would have recieved a fair trial in a court of law, as opposed to trial and immediate conviction by the tv and print media and at the very least it would have legally prevented DBP from putting his foot (or tennis ball) in his own mouth with his dismal attempts at trying to manage fallout from the report.

The seemingly endless police report gives the oppostion MPs leading the attacks endless amounts of shit for them to roll around in. I'm sure they'll look back fondly on this day as a high point in the parliamentary careers.

Apart from those with an axe to grind, the general public doesn't give a toss about the whole affair, and this is hardly the sort of thing that is going to give any boost in support for National or ACT. The next time a National MP complains about police "wasting time" doing traffic duty or operating speed cameras all one has to do to is point towards this 1000-page report about supposedly over-zealous corporal punishment that happened 23 years ago.

Benson-Pope will end up having to resign his cabinet post not because of anything Judith Collins or Rodney Hide say, it will be as a direct result of his total incompetence at crisis management.

And sitting quietly in the corner, avoiding any media scrunity is Taito Philip Field who faces allegations that if proven are far worse than anything DBP has supposedly done 23 years ago.
Perhaps Benson-Pope should give him a call for advice on how to shut up.

Monday, December 05, 2005

National MP to cut Education - literally

Allan Peachey is deep trouble for making a not-so veiled threat in response to a request by the co-principal of Selwyn College for the local MP to make an appearance at the school's annual prizegiving.
Tacked on to the end of the email rejecting the request were the words
Yes, I do have a knife in your back, so be careful
It's easy to see why Peachy holds a grudge against a school so radically different from his Rangitoto College - Selwyn is a 'liberal' school with no school uniform and a strong focus on multi-culturalism and the arts. However in his new role as the MP for Tamaki he is supposed to the electorate's representative and advocate in parliament. Former Tamaki MP Clem Simich would never have shown such contempt for a local school.

This is shocking and childish behaviour, here's hoping Don Brash (also a Tamaki local) can display some leadership for once and strongly censure Peachy for this inappropriate behaviour.

Anyone who values secondary school learning that isn't the "McEducation" Peachey espouses should hope to god that he never becomes Minister of Education.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Norm Hewitt has a dream

Reformed Thug turned Lap Dancer Norm Hewitt has put the Air New Zealand man v. child seating controversy into the proper context it deserves.

According to big Norm the 'discrimination' men face on airlines is just like that of Black Americans in the 1950s and 60s. Mark Worsley, New Zealand's Rosa Parks apparently.

Before the wails of protest from the 'PC brigade' begin just remember that for centuries New Zealand men have been treated as second class citizens.

After male slavery was abolished nearly 100 years ago, sexual discrimination became regulated by 'Jim Crow' laws, which allowed strict segregation of the sexes under the premise of 'separate but equal'.

Males and Females were forced to use separate schools, theaters, public toilets, bus, airplane and restaurant seating. In some locales, such as Dargaville, it was forbidden for stores or restaurants to serve different genders under the same roof.

Through the use of "Miscegenation" laws men and women were often prevented from legally marrying to prevent 'gender-mixing' - many of these laws still remain in place today. Even now in the 21st Century men often have trouble enrolling to vote due to female officals requiring the often poorly educated men to pass a literacy test before their enrolment is accepted. Due to this and other unsavoury tactics, in some parts of the country the percentage of eligible men enrolled to vote is less than 10%.

The time has come for this discrimination to end, as a NZ male I'm glad our own Martin Luther King Jr. - Norm Hewitt has the courage to stand up and fight to end this injustice once and for all.