Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ministry of Silly Voices

Pious moral outrage is growing at David Cunliffe's mocking of Pansy Wong's use of the English language.

(Interesting fact - in Cantonese 'Pansy Wong' means 'token deadweight').

Apparently mocking Ms. Wong's voice is "racism", sure, it's rude and disrespectful but it's not racist. Or did I miss the memo where the defintion of rascism was changed to "making fun of any characteristic of a non-white person"
Perhaps I'm going on a limb here but she does actually have an accent that can often make it very difficult to understand what she is actually saying.

(Interesting fact #2 - David Lange commenting on a bungy jump made by Wong from Auckland's Skytower - "Why did they tie a rope to her?")

Making fun of the way people speak is a wonderful tradition in New Zealand politics, I remember fondly when Jim Bolger would impersonate the accent of foreign leaders. And who can forget John 'Hone' Carter's calls to talkback radio, they were good times.

I want consistency from our representatives, not only accent, but all personal traits of MPs should be up for mockery in the house - be it George Hawkins' stuttering, Margaret 'Hopalong' Wilson's gait or Gerry Brownlee's rolls of chubby fat. My dream is that one day we shall have a NZ where everyone is mocked in a cruel and unfair manner equally.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Buried Agenda

TVNZ has all but killed off it's sole remaining current affairs show with the announcement that One Owen will take over presenting duties from Simon Dallow next year. This pretty much confirms Dallow will be the new 'mother of the nation' and read the 6pm news in '06. From what we've seen of Lisa Owen's time as European correspondent the past two years, it's safe to say you won't be missing any hard-hitting interviews by sleeping in on Saturday mornings.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Herald's journalism shitty, says blog

Let's all jump aboard the Bash Winston Train!
It's the Magical Diversion Tour!
Lefties, Righties, it don't matter- we're in this together!
Screw context! Balance and fairness can go and take a flying leap,
Sure, if we'd taken a quote out of context from Clark or Brash, twisted it and then splashed it triumphantly over the front page, they'd be screaming "Liberal/Conservative Media Bias!" from the top of the hills.
But this is totally different, it's Winston Peters and he must pay for disrespecting 'da family'.
Who really wants to hear about Clark barely holding together a workable Government or Brash's imminent leadership challenge from John Key anyway?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Herald Premium Discontent

If you hadn't already noticed, both the blogspot and livejournal versions of the Herald Premium Content blog have been vapourised.
To my knowlege that LJ blog had only been up a couple of days.
LiveJournal are far more efficient than those liberal West-Coast slackers at Google. If I was planning on doing a Stalinst purge of history, the kids from LJ would be top of my list to call.

I just recieved an interesting email

Hey Nick,
Just thought I'd let you know blogger has been forced to delete the hpc blog, details of the DMCA C+D order will be here when available, however a new blog is located at
Make sure you inform both your readers about this ;p

[name deleted]

Rugby World Mea Culpa

Now I loathe Rugby Union as much as the next PM, but the awarding of the 2011 World Cup to New Zealand is a great thing for the country.
I'll be glad to watch those negative assholes in various media who yesterday were being so dismissive and even mocking of Helen Clark and NZ's chances - John Campbell, Paul Henry and various print journalists now being forced to eat their own negative bullshit.
Of course, they'll pretend that all along that they believed it could happen. That's the thing that makes me cringe about the New Zealand psyche, we are so keen to view ourselves in a negative light when there is no need to do so. After all, being negative about New Zealand is Australia's job.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who needs elections?

This renewed call from Treasury to cut taxes is a little out of date don't ya think?
Didn't we just have an election a couple of months ago centred on this very issue?
Team Tax Cut lost. Get over it.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Out of Dontext

Why out of all the possible shots of Don Brash at Rod Donald's funeral did TV3 (media player link) chose this one? Every other politician was portrayed in a manner one would expect to see at a funeral, Helen was crying, others siting there solemnly heads in hands. Yet Don Brash gets a shot taken out of context implying that he was glad Rod Donald was being buried today.
You may or may not agree with everything Don Brash says but (unlike Peter Dunne) he is a decent man and this choice of shot was most unfair.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Get Well Soon Susan!

Dear Susan Wood,

I was shocked to hear that you have been struck down with an unknown dehabilitating illness right in the middle of tense employment negotiations.
Imagine the luck! Getting sick just as contract talks with your employer reached an impasse!
Still, you got good lawyers, I'm sure whoever caused this illness will pay the price.
I'm sure it's right to say the thoughts and prayers of all New Zealanders are with you tonight, as you recover from this mystery illness. I hope to God it's not avian flu.
Praying for your swift recovery,
Yours sincerely,
Michael Knight

Capital Pain Tax

The Real Estate mafioso has recoiled in horror at the suggestion of a Capital Gains tax on second homes. Those who have massive self-interest in the house price insanity continuing like the Banks and the Real Estate institute have called the idea 'insane' and some have even suggested the Government should instead cut spending in health and education to cool off the economy.
But really?
Does the economy have to be held to ransom because lemmings in middle New Zealand think buying a 7th home on 100% finance is a good idea?
Should we really have to choke off 'good' economic growth instead of targeting the problem area? Why bring out the sledgehammer of interest rate rises when a targeted knock on an inflated housing market could produce the same end-result - lower inflation without collateral damage to the entire economy.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

APN Tear down this wall!

Shortly after the election the New Zealand Herald introduced a subscription service, making site searches and regular columnists into "premium content" demanding a fee of $3 a day for usage. The NZ Blog clique is up in arms over this and it's got to the point where 13 Herald Writers and Kerre Woodham posted a protest letter on Public Address decrying their non-existent pay rise (as opposed to say, bloggers) and lack of reader feedback because of the "paywall". (or as right-wingers like to call it, a payfence)
Now I cannot see why anyone would ever want to pay $3 to read anything by Kerre Woodham, but who am I to judge. And it all seems very silly considering the paywall can be easily avoided with a greasemonkey script and the firefox browser.

However many people for whatever reason cannot use it or link to it, fortunately some altruistic soul (not I) is using their $99 subscription for good and has set up a Herald Premium content blog.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Gerry Brownlee: Sore Loser or Whinging Bitch?

National's deputy says he has "lost respect" for the Governor General and claims she is a "cohort" of Helen Clark.
Because -shock horror- she perfomed her constitutional duties to the letter of the law.
And yet if she had behaved unconstitutionally in the fashion Mr Brownlee wanted, it would, as he himself admits - "have made no difference to the outcome"
So what is the point of this attack?
Apparently Gerry Brownlee has decided it is time for a review NZ's constitutional arrangments - even though Gerry Brownlee said in August that constitutional reviews are a "waste of time".

It is a fairly serious (and slightly crazy) allegation to imply that the Govenor General is enagaged in some sort of collusional activity with the Prime Minister. Allegations of this sort should not be made lightly by Members of Parliament.
Crazy and defamatory allegations are what blogs are for.

Top 10 Presenting roles for Susan Wood

TVNZ is in a real bind, they can't sack Susan Wood, yet they already have former National party candidate Paul Henry lined up to take over CloseUp@7, so what to do with the highly paid Ms Wood and her fat contract? Move her on to another show!
Here's the Top 10 contenders -

1) Deadwood
2) Intrepid Journeys: Fallujah
3) NZ's Worst Drunk Drivers
4) Dancing with the Recently Paroled
5) Marc & Toddy's Rocky Road to Indonesia
6) Susan & Kevin : Chaotic
7) So you wanna be a P Dealer?
8) Convict Treasure Island
9) Supernanny
10) The Ralston Grope

Monday, November 07, 2005

Jesus Rules the House

One of the few items of interest of the commision opening of parliament is the choice of members to swear on the bible or koran or merely state an affirmation. Thus we are able to ascertain who is winning the power struggle between god fearing worship and godless paganism in our house of representatives.
And so the parliamentaty deity of choice for the 2005 term will be......

Jesus Christ!!

Triumphing again over paganism by 70-47 and keeping his unbeaten streak intact. This despite losing a couple of votes because two MPs (Pansy Wong & Jim Sutton) were too scared to turn up to the first day of school without a parent to hold their hand.

Interestingly there was a 4-1 split in favour of paganism amongst openly gay MPs yet amongst closeted gay MPs Jesus has a 3-1 majority.

Rod Donald 1957-2005

Why? Why? Why?
A healthy guy in the prime of his life, who had helped to change the political landscape for the better and just 1200-odd votes and a couple of days away from being in a position to implement the ideas he cared deeply about.
Life can be so cruel and unjust.

Holiday in Cambodia

Contrary to the obvious lack of postage for six weeks, this blog is not dead.
I've actually been on holiday, though not in Cambodia, Laos actually, Holiday in Laos doesn't seem as catchy a title.
The trip was great by the way. Nothing says overly earnest white liberal like a trip to remote parts of SE Asia.

As expected, my fellow contributors have posted exactly zero content to this site in my absence. Time to bring in some new blood I think.