Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kahui Twins - Spin & Win!

Sure, we may not know any or all of the facts surrounding the deaths of the Kahui twins, but don't let that stop you passing judgement on the root cause of the tragedy.

And now it's even easier with threepointturn's infant death Spin & Win Wheel, just print it out and spin to make a selection from one of the outlandish or bigoted viewpoints you want to push.

Now just like Michael Laws, Christine Rankin and John Tamihere you too can spin the deaths of two babies into a positive for your own political agenda.


john said...

Bloody brilliant! U might like to check out the latest exclusive from Moenui's newspaper the herald "Capill says Child Abuse a Maori Problem"

webweaver said...

*ironic laugh* yup - that seems to be about the level of much of the commentary at the moment. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this whole mess. I've linked to your blog post from mine on the same subject: Suffer the little children. Hope that's OK.

john said...

OK. Enough already. Get back or I'll definately stop knocking!

Peter said...

Well, a welfare state seems like a very likely reason to, me, because it allows anyone to have babies, even if they can not take responsibility for them. Sure that doesnt mean all benificiaries beat their kids, or that no employed people do. However it lets anyone have kids many of whome can take responsibility for themselves let alone children.

ZenTiger said...

No matter how you spin it, I blame the shaker.

Although I have no idea who that shaker / beater was.