Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You're ON NOTICE!!!!

I was pondering over the lack of activity here and I thought to myself why not use Blogger and all the power 134 unique visits a day gives me to try and make the world a better place.
And why not do it by singling out those who have earned our ire and adding their names to a concise list.

To the right are the recently installed "ON NOTICE" and "DEAD TO ME" boards which take a cue from Scientology and Bill O'Reilly and blatantly plagiarise Stephen Colbert.

Being 'On Notice' on the noticeboard means you need to step off that platform you're on, listen to some sense (that's us) and stop doing whatever you're doing. Hopefully the severity of being placed 'On notice' on will avoid you becoming "DEAD TO ME" (or us) which is the most severe punishment a man or woman could ever suffer (apart from being "non-existent to me" (or us))

Think of it as a burning torch for the blog-lynching of those we have arbiltraily decided to victimise.

Unfortunately for Stephen Colbert shortly after he put ABC News Anchor Bob Woodruff 'On Notice' (for being robot-like) Woodruff became almost dead to everyone in Iraq, as such Stephen hasn't bought out the big boards to name and shame the wrong-doers since.

But fear not Stephen here in what you call "Australia's Canada" there is no killer cyborg called Bob Woodruff so we will keep our small antipodean torch burning for the cause.

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