Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ON NOTICE: Mark Sainsbury

Mark Sainsbury - On notice due to his continuing 'showing up' of Susan Wood

Susan Wood (and her lawyers) have worked unbelievably hard to get her into the postion she squats today. The #1 presenter on the #1 7pm Lifestyle infotainment show in the country.

It was decided in the Employment Court that she is worthy of the highest salary for a broadcaster at the state broadcaster and therefore by definition she has to be the best talent TVNZ have.

Mark Sainsbury may have his populist awards and rapport with the viewers at home,
He may indeed be both the eggman and the walrus but that doesn't matter where it counts in the news media, the bottom line, the $$$$, the cream, you Sainsbury, on the every third day and every third week Wood has off, you need to back off with the interesting interviews and 'analysing' things. Stop making the step-mother of the nation look bad!!!

So, Sainsbury get out from behind that desk, take off the shoes and the suit and interview your subjects while lying on a bed, and remember to ask the questions the people want answers to like "How did that feel" - The audience are not interested in trivial things like 'Facts'

And Sainsbury,
If Susan Wood yells or even raises her voice at her children at any point in 2006 you Mark Sainsbury will be held personally responsible and immediately become 'Dead to me' (or us)


Rich said...

Did you know where the lyric "you are the eggman" derives from?

Simon-Napier Bell wrote in his book White Powder Black Vinyl that apparently Eric Burdon (sp?) of 60's pop group The Animals was into the use of eggs for sexual gratification(!) The story is that John Lennon and Eric were at an egg orgy (!!) together and John said to Eric - "you are the eggman".

I thought you might like to know this piece of amusing trivia..

interested and amused said...

That is indeed interesting and amusing. But please provide further details of how an egg is used for sexual gratification ...