Monday, April 10, 2006

ON NOTICE: Herald on Sunday

Herald on Sunday you are ON NOTICE! (note the bold font)
They have "outed" an alleged tinnie house in South Auckland that just happened to be next door to a Labour MP's office!

It's not right, Liberal MSM like the HoS should be saluting the courage of the Labour Government for steadfastly sticking to it's policy of doing sweet fuck all for poorer communities in NZ, which has led to record growth of small businesses like scam tertiary courses, quasi-casino bars and loan sharks and which is good for the economy™

Although a single Herald on Story story makes no real difference it could be the start of a trend that could impact the profitability of small businesses in the community and hurt the economy™™

I think it's grossly unfair to expect that a Labour MP be aware of what is going on in his own community. They won, they are the government, their way of doing things is best.

So back off Herald on Sunday and leave Labour alone!
By publishing the address you've got the tinnie house busted good and proper, be happy with that.
I hope that'll teach the bastards for giving that Herald staffer a crappy foil last time.

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Anonymous said...

It's been drawn to my attention that vast quantities of 'hard likker' is being dumped upon the inhabitants of Waikato, in an attempt to mediate the primal angst the populace must deal with living in such squalid territory.

Any time soon , such disregard for the electorates values and laws will EXPLODE into wild abandined mayhem in the streets...mark my words...ANY TIME's a slippery powderkeg of gateways.

There's gotta be a Politician's shack somewhere in the region....Send in the festering wound of tabloidism to shed light upon this ALARMING COHABITANCE OF RULE AND WRECKLESSNESS. They all need a bloody good war.