Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Orewa IV - The Purge

Don Brash's final Orewa speech as National leader is on tonight so that means another minority group to blame and another female MP to fire, this year's MP is Pansy Wong so that means this year's punching bag are IMMIGRANTS!

Well, not ALL immigrants - just those who don't share our 'Western values' i.e "them darkie ones that don't respect Jesus or the dollar".

I just don't see how this is a winning strategy for the main opposition party in New Zealand.
His stance is to the left of centre in Australia, but not here.

It's yet another divisive strategy that may garner a 'cheap pop' in the polls but will do more harm to the party in the long-term than good.

It's a big gamble that could see him removed as Oppostion leader far earlier than expected.
For a leader who has never managed to overcome the error of labelling those who vote for his opponent 'not mainstream New Zealanders' this could be the fatal blow.

Yes Mr Brash, tis better to burn out than fade away.