Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kahui Twins - Spin & Win!

Sure, we may not know any or all of the facts surrounding the deaths of the Kahui twins, but don't let that stop you passing judgement on the root cause of the tragedy.

And now it's even easier with threepointturn's infant death Spin & Win Wheel, just print it out and spin to make a selection from one of the outlandish or bigoted viewpoints you want to push.

Now just like Michael Laws, Christine Rankin and John Tamihere you too can spin the deaths of two babies into a positive for your own political agenda.

Monday, April 10, 2006

ON NOTICE: Herald on Sunday

Herald on Sunday you are ON NOTICE! (note the bold font)
They have "outed" an alleged tinnie house in South Auckland that just happened to be next door to a Labour MP's office!

It's not right, Liberal MSM like the HoS should be saluting the courage of the Labour Government for steadfastly sticking to it's policy of doing sweet fuck all for poorer communities in NZ, which has led to record growth of small businesses like scam tertiary courses, quasi-casino bars and loan sharks and which is good for the economy™

Although a single Herald on Story story makes no real difference it could be the start of a trend that could impact the profitability of small businesses in the community and hurt the economy™™

I think it's grossly unfair to expect that a Labour MP be aware of what is going on in his own community. They won, they are the government, their way of doing things is best.

So back off Herald on Sunday and leave Labour alone!
By publishing the address you've got the tinnie house busted good and proper, be happy with that.
I hope that'll teach the bastards for giving that Herald staffer a crappy foil last time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Shitwind Blows

There's been a bit of heat generated from the earlier posting of the Louise Nicholas leaflet because it is arguably 'illegal' and could jeopardise the future possibility of a 'fair' trial for already convicted police rapists.

Indeed, a few gentlemen have emailed me with suppressed information explaining just why that image shouldn't be posted and that I am breaking the law. Of course they themselves broke the law by emailing me this information. One man even suggested I was as bad as the rapists themselves by publically revealing this information.

I think this comment from another blog shows the line in the sand for me on the issue of suppression orders and 'respect' for the law.

"The morality of such an order is irrelevant, it is the legality that counts."

I understand that point of view, in fact society would fall apart if immoral people had no fear of the law, but to me it seems like a robotic non-human way of thinking.
I would reverse that statement - morality is what counts - it is a far better guide to life than statute books for decent human beings.

Imagine being a homosexual man prior to 1984 -
"Well, the law states that homosexuality is illegal, so therefore, I will stop being gay because it's the law!"

On the few occasions my morality conflicts with the law a bit of risk/cost/benefit analysis begins, for instance smoking cannabis, it is illegal under the law, but to me it is not immoral, and as I have white skin the biggest punishment I would realistically face under NZ's legal system is police diversion. So I happily smoke cannabis.

However in this case of name suppression of the convicted rapists, the 'unintended consequences' could be far greater than a theoretical legal punishment I could suffer,

The spin is that these name suppression 'violations' on the internet and leaflets handed out on the street could cause the judiciary to declare the next rape 'show trial' a mistrial before it has even begun, and I have been told this 'will let the rapists get away with it' - er, newsflash, Clint Rickards already has.

Remember these 'show trials' came from the police decision to derail a potentially devastating and far-reaching Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct by launching "investigations" into a few select historic rape cases that they had attempted to sweep under the carpet for nearly 2 decades.

In the unlikely event a mistrial was declared due to the publication of known facts there would be again be further 'unintended consequences' - mass public outrage even more intense then it is presently which in turn would force the Government to renew and strengthen the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct over the cover-ups of these historical rape allegations which far outnumber those currently awaiting trial. Focusing not only on the rapists but on those who have helped protect the rapists by destroying and "losing" evidence, intimidating victims and forging documents.

Of course, to get an inquiry into the police cover-up of her own case is why Louise Nicholas went public with her story in the first place.

This is a risk involved in handing out those leaflets, I believe the right for the public at large to know about what is happening in their legal system outweighs the tiny risk of a mistrial.
Morally, it's the right thing to do.

Legalities aside, I do find it apt that the same persons willing to publish highly offensive and derogatory pictures of religious figures engaged in sexual acts purely for the purpose of causing offence (what I would call a immoral act however not against 'the law') are the same persons condemning others for publishing suppressed and important facts about the identities of convicted rapists.

What a sad world we live in, where legal argument trumps morality at every turn.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It is illegal to view this post

We Believe Louise Nicholas - Bob Schollum and Brad Shipton are convicted rapists

It is against the law for us to allow NZ readers to view this image of the now infamous Louise Nicholas leaflet (hosted on an American server), so if you live in NZ please don't look at it!

ON NOTICE: Mark Sainsbury

Mark Sainsbury - On notice due to his continuing 'showing up' of Susan Wood

Susan Wood (and her lawyers) have worked unbelievably hard to get her into the postion she squats today. The #1 presenter on the #1 7pm Lifestyle infotainment show in the country.

It was decided in the Employment Court that she is worthy of the highest salary for a broadcaster at the state broadcaster and therefore by definition she has to be the best talent TVNZ have.

Mark Sainsbury may have his populist awards and rapport with the viewers at home,
He may indeed be both the eggman and the walrus but that doesn't matter where it counts in the news media, the bottom line, the $$$$, the cream, you Sainsbury, on the every third day and every third week Wood has off, you need to back off with the interesting interviews and 'analysing' things. Stop making the step-mother of the nation look bad!!!

So, Sainsbury get out from behind that desk, take off the shoes and the suit and interview your subjects while lying on a bed, and remember to ask the questions the people want answers to like "How did that feel" - The audience are not interested in trivial things like 'Facts'

And Sainsbury,
If Susan Wood yells or even raises her voice at her children at any point in 2006 you Mark Sainsbury will be held personally responsible and immediately become 'Dead to me' (or us)

ON NOTICE: Liberal Mainstream Media

Liberal Mainstream Media - The 'liberal MSM' are purveyors of everything negative in society, whenever I find out someone has died or something bad has happened inevitably I see, hear or read about it in 'the liberal media' so liberal media you are 'on notice' for reporting negative stories and anything and everythingthat challenges my world view,
I hear the Liberal MSM apologists cry

"But, we 'the liberal media' - a single monolithic entity, we are just the messengers!"

Well tell me this,
If a tree falls and no-one is around to hear it, did it make a sound?
Now imagine the tree is 'the liberal media'......
get it!
does that actually make sense?
it doesn't matter,
Liberal MSM you are on notice, as soon as you stop reporting things I don't like you'll be off the list.

You're ON NOTICE!!!!

I was pondering over the lack of activity here and I thought to myself why not use Blogger and all the power 134 unique visits a day gives me to try and make the world a better place.
And why not do it by singling out those who have earned our ire and adding their names to a concise list.

To the right are the recently installed "ON NOTICE" and "DEAD TO ME" boards which take a cue from Scientology and Bill O'Reilly and blatantly plagiarise Stephen Colbert.

Being 'On Notice' on the noticeboard means you need to step off that platform you're on, listen to some sense (that's us) and stop doing whatever you're doing. Hopefully the severity of being placed 'On notice' on will avoid you becoming "DEAD TO ME" (or us) which is the most severe punishment a man or woman could ever suffer (apart from being "non-existent to me" (or us))

Think of it as a burning torch for the blog-lynching of those we have arbiltraily decided to victimise.

Unfortunately for Stephen Colbert shortly after he put ABC News Anchor Bob Woodruff 'On Notice' (for being robot-like) Woodruff became almost dead to everyone in Iraq, as such Stephen hasn't bought out the big boards to name and shame the wrong-doers since.

But fear not Stephen here in what you call "Australia's Canada" there is no killer cyborg called Bob Woodruff so we will keep our small antipodean torch burning for the cause.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Where the fucken hell are youse?

I've returned from sabbatical to post a link to this nugget of comedy gold - a new version of the 'bloody hell' Tourism Australia commercial - "We've cleared the ethnics off the beach"

Australia - Where the fucken hell are youse?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Orewa IV - The Purge

Don Brash's final Orewa speech as National leader is on tonight so that means another minority group to blame and another female MP to fire, this year's MP is Pansy Wong so that means this year's punching bag are IMMIGRANTS!

Well, not ALL immigrants - just those who don't share our 'Western values' i.e "them darkie ones that don't respect Jesus or the dollar".

I just don't see how this is a winning strategy for the main opposition party in New Zealand.
His stance is to the left of centre in Australia, but not here.

It's yet another divisive strategy that may garner a 'cheap pop' in the polls but will do more harm to the party in the long-term than good.

It's a big gamble that could see him removed as Oppostion leader far earlier than expected.
For a leader who has never managed to overcome the error of labelling those who vote for his opponent 'not mainstream New Zealanders' this could be the fatal blow.

Yes Mr Brash, tis better to burn out than fade away.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Farrar wins election for Canadian Conservatives

In Canada, the Conservative Party seems destined to win the upcoming Federal election, which so-called 'experts' have attributed to scandalous corruption and stupid anti-American campaigning on the part of the Canadian Liberals, but the answer is much closer to home than that.
Look at the date where the Conservative upswing began - the same time the New Zealand National Party's own 'Joey Lucas' - and Wellington Central legend David P Farrar abruptly quit the Conservative campaign.
Coincidence? I think not.

Michael Knight's TV Weak

When I was first co-opted into contributing to this site, it was hoped that I would deliver some insight into the NZ television industry, however the lives and loves and gossip of New Zealand's 'liberal media elite' is far more dull than you could imagine.

However what does excite me in 2006 is the emergence of the internet as the primary distribution method of television shows.
In fact, I'd go as far to say that when TVNZ finally gets around to screening the second series of 'Lost' - the most popular 'pirated' tv show on the net, ratings will be well below expectations (albeit still huge) mainly because of internet 'piracy'

But far better than being able to watch 'Lost' or 'Corrie' ten months in advance of NZ screenings is the ability to view the thousands of wonderful shows that will never see the light of day in this country.

Two of those shows 'Weeds" and the US version of 'The Office" were big winners at the Golden Globes on Tuesday.

'Weeds" is often portrayed as 'Desperate Housewives with drug dealing' but it's closer to the world of American Beauty/Six Feet Under than the soapy crap from Wisteria Lane. The Golden Globe win has secured a second series in the States and maybe even a late night run here at 11pm on TV One on a Sunday if we're lucky.

"The Office" was intially not well recieved by fans of the Ricky Gervais original, but now that the program has developed it's own characters and storylines instead of duplicating their British counterparts word for word, the show is quite fantastic and on occassion betters it's parent show. And of course Steve Carrell is a god.

Also this month, I enjoyed Bill O'Reilly getting his ass handed to him by Letterman recently
Letterman: "I think 60% of what you say is crap" although the next day on his own show O'Reilly proclaimed himself the winner of the interview.

Hopefully with Prime being purchased by Sky we will finally get a 24 hour feed of Fox News in this country because honestly we're missing out big time not being able to watch the comedic genius that is 'The O'Reilly Factor' - Yes, I know, 'The Factor' is not strictly satire, but really if you try to view it for what it is (the American equivalent of Leighton Smith on the highest rating cable news show in the US) it makes you feel kinda empty inside.

This week Bill is focusing all his energy on the U.S state of Vermont becuase the state will not sack a judge who made a decision O'Reilly didn't like, so O'Reilly is now calling on all Americans to boycott the state of Vermont. I'm not quite sure what you're meant to do if you actually live in Vemont but anyway, for those counting, O'Reilly boycotts now apply to Mexico, Canada, France and Vermont.

Still, it's not really bad news for Vermont - after the France boycott started imports of goods from France to the US rose - American goods exported to France fell. And of course Vermont can now advertise itself as a "100% Bill O'Reilly free zone".

On the satrical counterpoint to 'The Factor' - 'The Colbert Report' Stephen Colbert named the Associated Press the #1 threat facing America for not mentioning him in a story about 'truthiness' being named the word of 2005. was similar to the much-criticized weapons of mass destruction reporting leading up to the Iraq War. Except, he said, people got hurt this time.
The NZ television porgrammer who has the balls to bring the one hour block of 'The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" to Late Night NZ television will be a very smart woman indeed.

Unusually O'Reilly wasn't even the most outrageous thing I've watched this week, that distinction goes to 'The Root of all evil' a two part polemic from Richard Dawkins about the supposed evils of Abrahamic religions in the world, at one point he compares Moses to Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Dawkins does make a strong if rather arrogant argument for reason over faith, however while he goes around the world on a crusade to disprove the monothestic faiths he never actually offers evidence and proof that a god doesn't exist.

Actually, I was wrong about the Dawkins show being the most outrageous show, a rebuttal to 'The Root of all Evil' 'Dark Enlightenment' fronted by the seemingly insane Michael Burleigh argues that the Enlightenment was in fact a bad thing for humanity and that amongest other things the Nazi genocide inflicted on the Jewish peoples was caused by an absence of faith. As opposed to say centuries of Vatican endorsed Christian persercution of the Jewish people based on warped interpretations of the Bible.

After watching the Dawkins rants I was a little skeptical of his overwhelming self-assuredness about his faith in 'reason' but after seeing a supposedly renowned historian claiming the past two centuries of human progress are bad for humanity - Dawkins' arguments seem entirely reasonable, even moderate.

Considering TV3's C4 is apprehensive about screening an episode of South Park featuring a statue of the Virgin Mary with an anal bleed for fear of offending the Cathoclic Church, I wonder how the Church would feel about "The Root of All Evil' being shown here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 - Year of the Dog

Well, it's time to emerge from my summer coma, just three days away from my official end of the summer holidays - The Big Day Out - which from the lineup looks like the weakest Big Day Out ever, but I've got free tickets so I can't complain.

I've always maintained that an outright ban should be imposed on local news during the holiday season, and this summer has not changed my mind.

There's Auckland City soldifying it's position as NZ's well-off yet deeply stupid step-sister with the "Oh My God, they're gonna put NATIVE trees in our shitty main street (PC Gone Mad, ya know)" campaign, which has spawned an extraordinary council meeting resulting in 'saving' three gaunt trees from the chop.

Congratulations Auckland, now if you take that passion for protecting upstanding immigrant trees from the filthy Native (read Maori) trees and redirect it into trying to fix the city's problems with traffic, housing, town planning, infastructure and lack of community spirit then perhaps Auckland City would no longer be such a strong challenger to Wanaganui for 'most fucked up city in New Zealand'

Then there's Statistics NZ bucking the tradition of asking fact-based questions with the creation of "New Zealander/Kiwi" as an 'ethnic group' in the 2006 census, so that when I fill out the census form on behalf of my pet dog (a Cook Islander/Samoan/Irish/Australian/Maori/Pakeha who's a smoker and earns 50k a year) I will now have one more box to tick.

The thing that really annoys me is that this is the same Statistics NZ that refused to recognise 'jedi' as a actual religion in 2001 despite over 50,000 persons submitting it as their faith of choice. It was the third most popular faith after Christianity and 'No religion' in 2001 but it was not categorised as jedi was considered "response deemed outside the scope of recognised religions", yet Statistics NZ still recognises Scientology as an legitimate religion.

Still, long time talker, first time writer, Kerre Woodham sums up the feeling of Pakeha, erm... "Kiwi" New Zealanders,
The decision by people to call themselves "New Zealanders", and the decision to allow them to do so, may not be anthropologically accurate. But it's a step towards building a nation that's proud of its heritage and positive about its future.
Exactly! Who are anthropologists to say what is and isn't an ethnic group. I put my trust in callers to Newstalk ZB. It's not as if it's a ethnic group is something that can be defined.
As always with 'racial issues' it is those who do not feel a strong attachment to any particular ethnic group leading the charge to force everyone else to join them as 'one nation' (together under Dagg)

On the subject of mediocre Herald on Sunday columists Deborah Coddington has been on a tear lately, it seems she's trying to carve out a niche as the antipodean Ann Coulter, the bitterness and resentment in her Herald on Sunday rants are approaching legendary status, and yet another reason to fork out $3 a day to APN for it's premium content (or use the search function). This week Deb's ire was set upon the evil blog world, which is so irrelevant, powerless and spiteful that Coddington devoted an entire column of vitirol to it.
Still, thanks to Deborah, at least we now know the truth that Jordan Carter is indeed a souless robot. No wonder Farrar and Blumsky got such a drubbing in Wellington Central when they were up against a humanoid who needs not sleep.