Friday, December 09, 2005

No Rhetoric please, We're New Zealanders

American Taliban?
So they must be stoning people to death in the streets, amputating dissenters, blowing up non-Christian religious treasures, banning sport, music, film and televison and providing safe haven for terrorist organisations.
No, not quite, A professor got beaten up by a couple of idiots and some Christians wrote to a company complaining about advertising in a gay magazine.

Homophobic bigots?
Oh please, just because one has the belief that a "marriage is between a man and a woman" does not make them a homophobe. Some homosexuals are against gay marriage, does this make them homophobic too? Yes the bill was pointless and ridiculous but just because one has a difference of opinion does not neccessarily make them Fred Phelps or the re-incarnation of the Tailban.

To use such ridiculous rhetoric makes you no better than those you are arguing against.

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Uroskin said...

If you read the AFA website (those who want you to buy crap Ford cars again after forcing Ford to cut support and advertising to gay media and events), it's not difficult to make the comparison with what the Taliban stand for: male supremacy, submission to god, no gun control, no Darwin, no rock&roll.
I still wouldn't buy a Ford though, I drive a Mini ("Top Gear" subzero cool car and a faggot-approved one)