Monday, December 05, 2005

National MP to cut Education - literally

Allan Peachey is deep trouble for making a not-so veiled threat in response to a request by the co-principal of Selwyn College for the local MP to make an appearance at the school's annual prizegiving.
Tacked on to the end of the email rejecting the request were the words
Yes, I do have a knife in your back, so be careful
It's easy to see why Peachy holds a grudge against a school so radically different from his Rangitoto College - Selwyn is a 'liberal' school with no school uniform and a strong focus on multi-culturalism and the arts. However in his new role as the MP for Tamaki he is supposed to the electorate's representative and advocate in parliament. Former Tamaki MP Clem Simich would never have shown such contempt for a local school.

This is shocking and childish behaviour, here's hoping Don Brash (also a Tamaki local) can display some leadership for once and strongly censure Peachy for this inappropriate behaviour.

Anyone who values secondary school learning that isn't the "McEducation" Peachey espouses should hope to god that he never becomes Minister of Education.


Rich said...

On the other hand I thought his (supportive) article on NCEA in Metro was quite sound?

llew said...

Metro probably edited the threats of violence out before publication.

Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Peachey is a smart man who clearly has made a rookie's mistake. We all expect better things of Peachey in National. But there is no doubt that he is an educator par excellence.

Anonymous said...

Brash reign in anyone in his caucus?? Now that would be something I would pay to see. Don Brash is reigning over a chaotic three ring circus of carping nit pickers going off half cocked at every opportunity in a totally undisciplined, angry and cranky way. God almighty, I see in the paper even Deborah Coddington is sicjk of the whinging already...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which ..

It is pretty clear Don Brash is not going to get involved.

Does anyone know where the senior Education spokesman stands on this? Referring to Bill English.

Anonymous said...

National's senior Education spokesman Bill English is sitting on the fence with both ears to the ground.

The knife presumably remains in the co-principal's back.

Allan Peachey has a bull's eye on his chest!

Anonymous said...

Its obvious by yesterday's NZ Herald that Allan Peachey still has the knife in the back of Selwyn College. Won't win him or National any votes.