Monday, November 07, 2005

Jesus Rules the House

One of the few items of interest of the commision opening of parliament is the choice of members to swear on the bible or koran or merely state an affirmation. Thus we are able to ascertain who is winning the power struggle between god fearing worship and godless paganism in our house of representatives.
And so the parliamentaty deity of choice for the 2005 term will be......

Jesus Christ!!

Triumphing again over paganism by 70-47 and keeping his unbeaten streak intact. This despite losing a couple of votes because two MPs (Pansy Wong & Jim Sutton) were too scared to turn up to the first day of school without a parent to hold their hand.

Interestingly there was a 4-1 split in favour of paganism amongst openly gay MPs yet amongst closeted gay MPs Jesus has a 3-1 majority.


pink panda said...

haha i wonder if they're going to rant about how awfully pc it is to have options on what to swear on!

Cathie said...

Jim Sutton is at a WTO meeting in Geneva, helping to save the world trading system, and the Nats generously offered a pair to enable that to happen. So calm down, petal.