Monday, November 21, 2005

Herald's journalism shitty, says blog

Let's all jump aboard the Bash Winston Train!
It's the Magical Diversion Tour!
Lefties, Righties, it don't matter- we're in this together!
Screw context! Balance and fairness can go and take a flying leap,
Sure, if we'd taken a quote out of context from Clark or Brash, twisted it and then splashed it triumphantly over the front page, they'd be screaming "Liberal/Conservative Media Bias!" from the top of the hills.
But this is totally different, it's Winston Peters and he must pay for disrespecting 'da family'.
Who really wants to hear about Clark barely holding together a workable Government or Brash's imminent leadership challenge from John Key anyway?


David Farrar said...

If Peters is stupid enough to equate criticism of himself with treason, he deserves everything he gets.

And having listened to him on National Radio, he is still unable to give a single convincing reason for his behaviour.

Oliver said...

Damn right, Nick. It seems people like Farrar, along with more important people in the Herald, are utterly focused on trying to bring Winston down. He really is right that the media is out to get him, whether it's deserved or not.