Friday, November 18, 2005

Herald Premium Discontent

If you hadn't already noticed, both the blogspot and livejournal versions of the Herald Premium Content blog have been vapourised.
To my knowlege that LJ blog had only been up a couple of days.
LiveJournal are far more efficient than those liberal West-Coast slackers at Google. If I was planning on doing a Stalinst purge of history, the kids from LJ would be top of my list to call.

I just recieved an interesting email

Hey Nick,
Just thought I'd let you know blogger has been forced to delete the hpc blog, details of the DMCA C+D order will be here when available, however a new blog is located at
Make sure you inform both your readers about this ;p

[name deleted]


Amanda said...

this irritates me so much it's so obvious that in the interests of their readers the content shouldn't be premium but they're such a pack of bastards they ignore everyone.

Anonymous said...

you know what would be cool?
if that site had comments. That would be cool.