Thursday, September 22, 2005

This much I don't Know

If Nandor Tanczos doesn't make it in to parliament on special votes who will be Attorney-General?

Why is it when Epsom voters practice vote-splitting it's because "they are a well-educated politically savvy electorate" but when Maori voters do the same thing it's "revealing a divided electorate sending a strong message to the Labour government"?

Has there ever been a man more triumphant after losing 80% of his party vote than Rodney Hide?

Has there ever been a party leader who hasn't been sacked after losing 80% of the party vote?

For a man that is so vocally anti-methamphetamine why is Peter Dunne behaving like he smokes it?

Is there a sexier leadership ticket than John Key/Katherine Rich anywhere in the world?

In the interests of "democracy" and "one-law-for-all" will the electorates of Epsom, Wigram and Ohariu-Belmont be abolished?

Apart from the usual suspects isn't it great that after such a close election result nobody is suggesting "voter fraud"?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

heh can always rely on the batshit rightwing nutjobs
Thiught when the left did that in the US in 2000, well they were just conspiricy theorists, sore losers, etc
mm makes you think
and is antartic lemur for real? he is so over the top i recon he is a paraody and he is just stringing those other idiots along as a sick psychology project. Think Milgram...