Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Florida '00 = Tauranga '05 ??

A Nation enjoys strong economic growth after two terms of a centre-left 'third-way' administration. In a strongly partisan election a strong challenger emerges from the right, a 'CEO-Politician' renowned for making political blunders and not having the best relationship with the spoken word. In one of the closest elections in living memory, the party of the right recieves less votes but wins the race and it all comes down to the disputed results in a region popular for it's sunshine and retirement living.

Or to put it simply -
Indecision 2005 - The Clusterfuck Scenario
Winston Peters loses Tauranga, NZ First gets 4.9%. Labour/Green - National/United evenly split the vote.
Legal proceedings over Bob Clarkson's campaign expenses begin, proceeding all the way to the Supreme Court.
The country waits for Winston yet again...

Just putting it out there....

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Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Well, one thing is true. If Peters loses Tauranga and fails to break 5%, then even if he won Tauranga in a special by-election afterwards, he would not get any extra seats. Just him.