Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bob the Fondler

For anyone who's met Bob Clarkson, the "sexual harrassment" allegations are easy to believe, whether the harrassment was blokish stupidity or a hint of something more sinister is another story. But really, grabbing your crotch in the direction of a female TV3 journalist isn't likely to help your case.
I doubt the claims will harm Clarkson's chances this late in the piece but it's yet another example of why National trails Labour by over 10% amongst women. Mr Clarkson should prove be a strong challenger to Brian Connell for the title of craziest Tory MP in the upcoming parliament.


Anonymous said...

Bob the Builder is really Bob the Fiddler!

Another setback for National.

Who now appear likely to form the next government.

They have one policy that counts - Tax Cuts. NZers will take the money and then see what happens.

Little Girl in a Black Apron said...

i know this is a bit late, but i just have to say i totally agree with the fact that its not hard to imagine clarkson as a 'fiddler', his read face and blantantly flippant attitude just makes me think of an ozzie bloke that has had one too many lion reds (or the australian equivilant)