Sunday, August 07, 2005

White Lies

In a seemingly self-penned Herald article, property developer David Henderson claims he attempted to buy 10 grams of cocaine to "lose weight" - quite possibly the most expensive weight-loss regime ever.
But he is a property developer, so chiding him for lying is like berating a baby for wetting itself. If, as he is requesting, he gets discharged without conviction, this could open up a new line of defence for affluent lawyered-up drug users -
Your Honour, the cannabis was for my glacoma, that ecstacy was for preventing the onset of Alzheimers, the crystal meth was to maintain an erection and the heroin was so I could go to sleep afterwards.
But seriously, if you're going to take illegal drugs to lose weight, P is the way to go, it's cheaper, more effective and available everywhere.

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