Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Westfield vs Democracy

Shopping mall operator Westfield is refusing to let enrolment booths operate within it's shopping malls without paying a $2500 a week fee. Even though other malls, supermarkets and The Warehouse let the booths operate without charge.

Westfield claims that because a company is (shock!, horror!) being paid to run the enrolment booths, they should get a cut too. They consider getting citizens enrolled to vote on the same level as selling water filters and steak knives.
Political candidates are still allowed to campaign in their malls "free of charge" because Westfield considers that to be a "non-profit" activity. In that case perhaps some thugs from the National Front should be encouraged to go and campaign in their shopping malls.

Other than going to their corporate headquaters in Auckland and pouring red and blue paint on their nice carpet, perhaps a few emails from disgusted citizens might make them change their tune.
Yeah right.
You can contact their marketing manager Linda Trainer at or call 09 978 5050

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