Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Strategic Voting?

'Strategic' voting is creating some strange and contradictory bedfellows.
Known communists Che Tibby and NRT suggest to 'left' voters in Tauranga that in an attempt to unseat Winston Peters they should vote for National candidate Bob Clarkson. This is the same Bob Clarkson who says
"A family is a male, a female and a couple of children. You can do in your own home whatever you want - doesn't worry me two hoots - but don't you come into society and tell me that [homosexuality] is normal" which we can only assume is Clarkson's 'polite' way of saying
"You homos do what you like at home, but don't expect to be treated as equals in society"
Yet earlier this year NRT said 'left' voters should vote against Labour MP Phillip Taito Field because of his opposition to the Civil Unions Bill.
I certainly am.


Bren said...

I guess Clarkson is just the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

Rather have do-er Clarkson than windbag Peters anyday.

llew said...

Yes, it would be such a fantastic wheeze to unseat Winston that it'd be worth voting for just about anyone else.

Bob's good old fashioned (but) honest obnoxiousness not-with-standing.

che tibby said...

'known communist'?

what the hell are you on?

i'm a liberal.

and Bren is right, it's the lesser of two evils.

Nick Eynon said...

With a name like Che you expect us to believe you're not a communist?