Friday, August 26, 2005

Lazy Journalism Tale #3682

The headline for the online story about the new Herald-Digipoll is "National and Greens gain support", except (as usual) that is not true. From the previous Herald-Digipoll National is actually down 2 points. And even if you go by the Herald's statistically fraudulent method of splitting the sample and look at the "'post-tax cut announcement" portion of the sample only, National remains unchanged at 38% from the previous poll.
How is this a "gain" in support?


Jordan said...

"Well, Nick, it's a gain in support from where they were at the start of the poll."

what a pile of rubbish. Scathing is the least it deserves.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is DigiPoll or the Herald doing that analysis.
The Herald really should retract and state that Labour is kicking some Tory arse.

Joe Hendren said...

I'd write them a letter to the editor nick, it would interesting if you got a response.

If they fail to publish your letter I would then send the letter to INL newspapers - they are likely to print something that takes the mickey out of their competition. Claim they have a pro-national bias - that should get a response!

IMHO the accuracy of the media when it comes to reporting polls has got steadily worse. Like the practice of only reporting the poll results of the two major parties - creating the simple media story of a two horse race - when this is completely meaningless in a MMP environment. It is entirely possible a major party could get more party votes than the other, yet be shut out of Govt due to having no support partners.

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