Monday, August 08, 2005


So, Paul Holmes on Prime has been cancelled, it's a shame really. Perhaps it was schadenfraude but I must have been one of the few people who actually enjoyed his show with it's mix of amateur reporting and a host riffing on whatever subject pissed him off that day irrespective of current events. Be interesting to see what exactly Prime does with him now. I'd quite like to see Holmes in an edgy late night show where he can go a little bit more crazy with longer interviews and perhaps even a little bit of cursing and swearing.
I certainly enjoyed Holmes more than the god-awful "Close Up" where apparently the biggest problem in NZ (read - Auckland) is gulliable people using the wrong builder and ending up with a "leaky home". And "Campbell Live", television's bran cereal, you knows it's good for you, but it's hard to eat everyday without venting a lot of shit. And don't get me started on the pretentious "Book Club".

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llew said...

Holmes might make a good Dr Who. Mind you, it's possible I say that about quite a few people....