Sunday, August 21, 2005

GTA - Waste of time 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

New Zealand's censors have finished re-rating videogame GTA - San Andreas, prompted by the discovery of a modification to the game which enabled 'hidden sex scenes'.
The modified version of the game will now bear the rating R18 with the descriptive note ‘contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes’.
The rating of the unmodified game (that being every single copy of the game legally offered for sale) is unchanged. As the censor's own press release acknowleges it is in violation of the game's licencing and end user agreement to sell a 'modified' version of the game with the sex scenes enabled.
Yes, our Censors have spent time and money re-rating a game it is illegal to sell.
Well, I guess if a business decides to sell the game and is sued into obilivon by the game's publishers at least they will have been using the correct classification sticker.
Thank you Office of Film and Literature Classification, you win this month's "Mindless bureacracy at work" award.


jnzed said...

Just because its illegal to sell it, doesn't mean the Hot Coffee modified games aren't out there. In fact you can modify the existing games. So how is it not relevant to classify the modified game, and determine if it should be banned?

The right to sell and the right to possess are separate things, and NZ's classification system isn't just about what your allowed to sell.

Most child pornography, for instance, isn't 'sold', but rather traded. In most cases this trading is also a breach of copyright - are you suggesting that classifying child pornography as objectionable is a waste of time because its already a breach of copyright?

Hmm.... thanks for that Nick.

Nick Eynon said...

The "modified" game has not and will not be offered for sale by the game's publishers.

So you are saying is that the censors should re-rate any and every video game that is "modded" without authorisation from the game's publishers.

I think comparing a video game with something obviously objectionable like child pornography is a little spurious.

jnzed said...

The difference is that in this case, the modification was *built in* to the game *by the authors*...

Nick Eynon said...

Fair point, although if that was the rationale the censors were using, they would have re-rated GTA-SA on all formats, not just PC as the offending code is part of the PS2 and XBox versions as well, albeit more tricky to activate.

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