Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stop the Tour?

The New Zealand Basketball team left for a tour of China this morning, with not a murmur of protest from those opposed to the NZ cricket tour of Zimbabwe. I guess "making a stand for human rights" by cancelling sports tours only applies when the destination country has no money or power.

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frog said...

Well, had Rod known about the tour before it took place (I grant you that his knowledge of international basketball fixtures is not on a par with his knowledge of international cricket fixtures, even though at high school he played basketball, not cricket), he would have expressed his disquiet about the human rights situation in China to the Tall Blacks, just as he sought to raise these issues by holding a Tibetan flag on the steps of Parliament a few months ago when the Chinese Government's No. 2, Wu Bangguo, visited New Zealand. I certainly think it's fair to accuse the Government and National of selective morality - the condemnation they heap on Zimbabwe is completely at odds with their relative silence on China. However, Rod cannot be accused of such double standards. He has been a vocal critic of human rights abuses in China for some time.