Friday, July 22, 2005

Poster Children of Mediocrity

In response to the successful albeit decitful Don Brash-Iraq attack ad campaign, the batshit crazy nut-jobs at Sir Humphrey's have taken the bait and mocked up their own equally retarded Saddam-Helen Clark poster, which for a blog that wants to infect the PM with the ebola virus is a relatively moderate position I suppose.
In retaliation Labour's "MSM communist femo-nazi death robots (Youth Division)" are rumoured to be releasing these new Brash posters shortly to let the country know exactly where Brash really stands on other historical hypotheses.


Anonymous said...

"batshit crazy nut-jobs"

Pahaahhahahahaha that’s the best description of those insular, delusional rightwing fucknuts yet

Jesus Crux said...

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