Monday, July 25, 2005


Perhaps I'm giving him more Machiavellian credit then he deserves, but I find it odd that just hours after he was informed that the candidate he is managing was assaulted on the streets of Wellington, that DPF would post an item about a wacky "left-wing" blog rant calling for "Blood on the Streets" if Don Brash is elected.
On the other hand we have to give DPF "props" for putting this post immediately after this post in his blog. If only we were as brazen at testing name suppression laws as he.


David Farrar said...

Believe it or not in both cases any links did not occur to me at all.

I posted the blood on the streets rant pretty much the moment i noticed it.

And the name supression and Peter Ellis cases were both in the online news sources I was working through.

Nick Eynon said...

Our apologies for besmirching your honour sir.