Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Name Suppression High Jinks

Stephen Franks in parliament today -

"[TVNZ] has supported a Queen’s Counsel in repeated court applications for name suppression for a star so that it can save the programme ratings until the programme ends..."

Franks also states
the person is "accused of a serious violent sex offence" and that he first raised the issue in written questions dated 3 May 05.


Anonymous said...

Strange comment - "supporting a [QC}". What does he mean by supporting? Stephen was never a litigator but surely a word like "retained" or "hired" or (more correctly) "instructed" would be more appropriate. Almost all of TVNZ's litigation work is done by Willie Akel at Simpson Grierson so why TVNZ would want a QC on the tab is beyond me. Maybe he means that the celeb in question has hired a QC and TVNZ are paying the bill (unlikely) or that they're simply supporting the application (more likely but if son, Franks' comment is more than a bit misleading)...

Of course the real question is who is this mysterious man... Or is Franks just talking out of his hole (as per usual)?

Anonymous said...

It seems he was (mostly) talking out his ass after all
apparently the police!? supported name suppression
Very very strange.

span said...

bad Nick you made me waste all of 8 minutes trawling through old Hansard! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to even come close to breaching name suppression, but can I just say that the 'star' label is stretching it a bit.