Friday, July 01, 2005

Getting Shirty 2

An alternative NZ Cricket Shirt
There's no reason for NZ Cricket not to do this as there's no way in hell that the National Bank is going to want the PR nightmare of having their brand associated with this tour. According to the ICC Regulations, "Any Commercial logo shall be decided by each member board",
National Bank could "suspend" their sponsorship at no cost to NZ Cricket as a gesture of goodwill, NZ Cricket would then be forced to seek another "shirt sponsor" at short notice, a generous individual could then step in and offer NZ Cricket $1 on behalf of Amnesty NZ to sponsor the team for the tour.
The only catch in the regulations I see is that "A visiting team shall abide by any law of the host country which restricts advertising of a product." Of course if Zimababwe decided to then make a issue of advertising Amnesty, it would then put more international and regional focus on Zimababwe and what Amnesty and other organisations are reporting. Even if (as I expect) I'm completely wrong and the ICC did decide to fine NZ Cricket over a "commercial sponsor violation" it surely would be much smaller than even the minimum $NZ2.8 million fine charged for not touring. That would be a fine worth paying.

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