Monday, July 25, 2005

America! Fuck Yeah!

I could be completely wrong but maybe the "Americans under the bed" campaign is more about showing the differences between National and NZ First rather than just Labour.
There is a large undecided anti-Government vote and it is obviously in Labour's best interests to ensure as many of those voters go to Winston rather than National.
And what better way to indirectly highlight those differences than by portraying Don Brash as an indecisive leader willing to "cosy up" to American interests. Which when contrasted with the popular perception of Winston Peters as a strong nationalistic leader, makes the decision for Joe at the TAB who hates the "PC Social Engineering of the Government" more clear-cut. Splintering large chunks of the anti-Government vote off to NZ First and United Future could end up being the difference-maker for Labour come election-day.


Anonymous said...

Nick, I think that’s a pretty insightful analysis

llew said...

Eeek! Talk about cutting off your nose though....