Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stipend Dreams

TV1 'Tax Debate' Thoughts
Being an investment banker apparently makes one 'neutral' on tax issues.
DPF is the spitting image of a middle-aged Eric Cartman.
Rodney Hide is going to have a heart attack soon.
Out of the 30 people participating there were two women.
29 of the 30 were Pakeha.
Despite being 'the backbone of the nation' farmers apparently don't pay tax as there were none on the show.
There seems to be a direct correlation between body fat percentage and support for tax cuts.


David Farrar said...

Eric is cool!

llew said...

:) I knew he wouldn't take that as an insult....

Uroskin said...

Can't somehow picture DPF's arse turned into tits and then carted off into the bushes for a rogering by oversexed 8th graders. He should be so lucky!