Monday, June 27, 2005


From the online Act billboard maker, I can see Act's agenda clearly now. They want to raise political discourse in New Zealand from two to three words. No doubt aware of the fungal spread of lame National billboard spoofs though most of the NZ pol-blog clique, ACT, have developed a new 'ridicule-based' strategy to spread their message, they've even provided the tools to make it easy so any amateur pundit can create their own distinct version of 'satire' (in 3 words or less) without that pirated copy of Photoshop.
Copying the Nats billboards is considered fair exchange for National taking most of ACT's policies, but does being in ACT make you that desperate for attention that inviting and encouraging ridicule is called "campaigning"? Act's thinking must be 'any publicity is good publicity', (especially taxpayer-funded publicity.)
Although I do admit, Act and National have got it right, election campaigns should not be about issues that can't be summed up in more than two or three words, Who really has the time to deal with fully formed sentences and fact-based content in today's fast paced world?
And at least Act are scoring some new dumb catchphrases to use and maybe they'll even score some email and postal addresses which are like golddust to them. Because there's one thing to be sure, even if there is a nuclear war and everything on earth is wiped out, cockroaches will survive and your name will still be on the Act party mailing list.


Anonymous said...

lmfao, so true!! 

Posted by Zippy Gonzales

Anonymous said...

The nambla billboard is truly nasty, was it Winston Peters's contribution? 

Posted by Uroskin

Nick Eynon said...

i think it was a mysteriously named 'R. Douglas' that sent that to us...

mangee said...

Heh. Saw one of these: Spin. Talk. Act.