Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Time of the Season for Loving

Maybe it's the change of season that kills off the NZ pol-blog, perhaps something in the air that causes the realisation that it's all a pointless waste of time and that blogging is what holds you back from your career as a well-paid rich person.
Among the autumnal casualties, two blogs with excellent names - Freudian Slippers has dissapeared in a plume of 404 smoke, and GoNZo Freakpower Brains Trust has simultaneously burnt out and faded away. Matt Nippert of Fightingtalk however, said his goodbye in the most classy manner by slapping the NZ Political Blog Clique upside the head with metaphors, the best of them - blogs are 'water wings for playing in the shallow end of the media pool', after which he clicked his fingers three times, gyrated his hips, turned 180 degrees and strutted out the door screaming "I'm Matt Nippert, bitch!"
With the demise of many blogs, both of our readers may have been concerned with our own lack of posting lately, Manu, my former flatmate has moved to the metropolis of Wellington where the streets are paved with arts and crafts, everyone hates V8 Supercars and the working class drink coffee. I think he plans to keep up blogging, but who knows, I think he actually has a real job. Max should be in Australia by now, being in a entirely different country should give her the insight needed to provide informed comment on the New Zealand election. Myself, well, for ANZAC day I sat up all night smoking P with the National Front so I could be a patriotic New Zealander and attend the dawn service unlike some weak willed lily livered souls. I should post more often in the future, it's just the water wings hurt my arms when I doggy-paddle.
We at threepointturn will not go the way of the Nippert, not us, we are commited to occassionally posting random rants at random intervals about random subjects.
We are the 'new media'.
Unaccountable, unreliable, uninteresting and completely lacking in integrity.
It's the future, man.

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Anonymous said...

Yalla yalla yalla! (As you Ba'ath party members know, "onward"! :P) 

Posted by Oliver