Monday, May 23, 2005

Now, Where was I?

The blog-peon stumbles in, dusty and disheveled
"So, uh, what did I miss?"

"Er, let's see, A mad cow hoax which gave the media foot in mouth disease, the mpaa closing down your favourite television torrent site, outrage at the ineptitude of the Auckland White pages, a Hide-Collins-Benson-Pope BDSM three-way, the death of a Ching, the still-birth of a budget and Alison Mau tripping out on Charge pills."

"Damn, I'd haved loved to have seen that! Ali Mau on drugs that is, not Judith Collins with a tennis ball stuck up her ass"

"It was good, journalistic credibilty evaporating faster than Darren McDonald smoking a point, the best part being when she was tripping out over Windows Media Player visualisations, still, she'll no doubt be up for one of the 654 Qantas Media awards next year"

"Did we win any awards?"

"Yes! We won the "Best green coloured opinion website that updates every 16 days" and "Friend of a valued sponsor" awards. If it wasn't for ONE Glennie that "Right Place at the Right Time" award would have been ours..."

"At least the death of 150,000 people wasn't in vain, it'll really do wonders for her career"

"Hopefully she'll ditch the specs, get some contact lenses and come back to NZ to do the weather instead of the fat wooden Maori guy. He's really really bad. Not quite Moon TV level bad but still pretty damn awful. I do have one piece of good news for you though, TVNZ are now showing Trailer Park Boys on Thursday nights"

"Fucken A"

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Anonymous said...

talking to yourself again? ;-)

welcome back 

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