Sunday, April 24, 2005


In a few days I'll be leaving the West Coast semi-permanently for the stench of Sydney. I will still blog here when I can, not that I have been an especially prolific contributor to date anyway. But at least I can now live up to my billing of Junior International Reporter, perhaps one day I will earn a promotion to the prestigious rank of "Correspondent" A girl can dream, can't she?

Personally it's disappointing to be leaving my home town behind, but politically I'm glad to be leaving before what I'm expecting to be Nationals biggest ass-whooping in well... three years. That's what I'm expecting will happen if the campaign is based around disingenuous billboards like this little NZ First style gem.
So all Petrol tax will be spent on roads. Huh? Really?
So for someone who uses taxed fossil fuel in a fishing boat off the West Coast, the tax they have paid will be 'spent on roads', when I refuel my car, whose roads will 'my' petrol tax be spent on? Will a Mainlander's petrol tax be contributing to the building of roads in Auckland? or will it be allocated according to where the petrol is sold? Meaning South Islanders as usual will be disadvantaged as we have more kilometres of road per head than the North Island as well as the fact the price of fuel down here is more expensive than in the North.
However my main problem with this is that I'm meant to believe that a Brash-government would ignore the negative externalities caused by the use of petrol in cars, so no 'petrol tax' money could be used for road safety programs, air-pollution reduction initiatives, cycle lanes, footpaths, accident prevention and recovery, environmental protection and enforcing the road code. So according to the slogan, these things will have to be funded out of general taxation, which means the burden of paying for the negative externalities of petrol usage will be forced upon every taxpayer.
Don't get me wrong, I won't be casting my party vote for the left, (although I will vote for Damien O'Connor) but if they continue with this type of vague and meaningless sloganeering it makes it harder and harder for me to vote National let alone support them. This type of dumb reactionary politics is the domain of a third party, not the natural party of government.


Anonymous said...

Goddam though, that's the sort of ad that a certain class of punter is going to love.

Worst luck. 

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Anonymous said...

BTW: Maxine, you're not the only one, to take the whole world on...


I'm having a lame song & theme tune day. 

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