Wednesday, April 13, 2005

InvestigateGate - Winners & Losers

Well, the Tamihere interview stoush finally looks to be put to bed, maybe, so who has benefited and who has lost from his indisgression and the ensuing media hysteria -


Ian Wishart
The man must be giving his thanks to Jesus for the foresight he gave him to not initially publish the holocaust comments for they have saved him the embarrassment of yet again being exposed as a blantant liar. He secretly taped John Tamihere, he knows it, John knows it, the staff at the restaurant know it. He must have gained immense pleasure from being refered to as a 'journalist' by the same reporters who normally refer to him as 'a self-righteous sack of shit'.

Helen Clark
I was a very astute of her to handle it the way she did, Clark again proved she has the right amount of pragmatism and leadership to keep the party together. This is shown by the transition of feeling on the right from triumphant glee to the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Tamihere no doubt had his "I didn't leave the Labour Party, the Labour Party left me" speech already written and Clark knew it. Although she did want him to resign, the 'severe' censure is a far better outcome for the party in an election year than an independent Tamaki Makarau MP.

John Tamihere
Aside from the gross misjudgment of talking to someone like Wishart (which is roughly akin to doing an interview with a NZ blogger or even letting one run your campaign).
The main has huge cojones. He fucked up, big time, was stuck neck deep in the shit, got given an out by his leader to allow him to slink off and hide for a fortnight, yet he still chooses front up to the other kids in his class he called rude names. He didn't do a Mark Peck and cry like a little bitch before slithering off to rehab, he took his 'volcanic' thrashing from the headmistress like an adult. For that alone, he still has the respect of most of the people that really count, the voters in his electorate.


TVNZ & TV3's impartiality
On TV3 (Hitler's channel) Tamihere was chased down the street by a reporter who didn't understand the concept of 'no comment', as revenge they screened some vox pops and they were all unsupringly negative. Then on Monday TVNZ's Maori affairs correspondent did some vox pops of her own, and yet they were universally positive. How odd that on two different days opinions could be so different, not that TV reporters would ever edit things to better fit an angle on the story.

MPs feelings
I'd glad our representatives make political decisions on their feelings, after all they aren't representing the people who put them into parliament, oh no, they are representing themselves. Harden up, if being called a tosser means you can't make non-emotive political decisions, you don't deserve to be in parliament.

Don Brash
Conspicuous by his absence during the whole affair, Don was more concerned with reliving the good times of early '04 on a Bay of Plenty beach. A real PM-in-waiting would have jumped upon the disunity in Labour, holding it up as an example of a party unfit to be in Government. However once the Holocaust comments were revealed, Brash jumped into action stating that he would sack any MP of his that made a similar comment, which considering he's sacked people for merely disagreeing with a small portion of his welfare policy seems rather redundant.

Chris Carter
Equated being Maori with being gay. Still a tosser.

Prime TV
I don't know which was worse, Perigo's overtly racist Tamihere-as-Billy T impersonation, or Paul Holmes cries of 'chequebook journalism' because Tamihere wouldn't come on a show with less viewers than Destiny TV to be berated by him.

Steve Maharey
On working with Tamihere - "I'm a professional politician"

No. He's not smarmy at all.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if Ian Wishart will be a long term winner out of all of this - what MP will ever speak to him again? 

Posted by Aaron Bhatnagar

Anonymous said...

stupid ones - so i imagine quite a few ;-) 

Posted by span(ner in the works)

Anonymous said...

For a bloke that's supposed to be keeping his head down and not give any interviews it's interesting to note JT will continue with his regular spot on Newstalk ZB, and do a three hour talk back show on Radio Live.

That bus ticket they slapped him with is getting soggier and soggier. 

Posted by randominanity

Anonymous said...

Wasn't John Tamihere stupid for even talking to him on the first place though? Who in their right mind would talk "off the record' to a journalist 

Posted by Aimz

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is you don't place Pita Sharples on either the winners or losers columns... 

Posted by Stephen Cooper

Anonymous said...

Hah. He's in the totally irrelevant category along with ACT. 

Posted by Manu

Anonymous said...

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