Monday, April 04, 2005

The Gossip according to John

So, John Tamihere has shot his mouth off again, and will no doubt take another beating from the Labour Gestapo (Had to get that nazi reference in). But was this the 'on the record' interview as has been claimed? It is commonly thought that Ian Wishart and Investigate have as much journalistic integrity as this blog i.e none, so I would not take anything Wishart says at face value. He has been very careful not to explicitly state that Tamihere agreed to have the interview recorded, merely stating that the tape recorder used to record the interview "was on the table in front of him". If you listen to the small snippet of the interview posted on the Investigate website, Tamihere's voice is barely audible, whilst Wishart's is loud and clear, which would indicate the recording device was placed in closer proximity to the interviewer than interviewee. Surely if this was the 'on the record' interview he has implied it to be, Wishart would have ensured the interview subject was recorded with the best clarity possible even at the expense of the audibilty of the interviewers own questions. So while there is no doubt of Tamihere's feelings to some members of his own party, there is significant doubt over the intentions he had in participating in this stitch-up interview.


Anonymous said...

John Tamihere was aware on the tape recorder. There's a basic rule in media; treat every camera and recorder as live. More fool John. 

Posted by Will

Anonymous said...

Maybe so, but on or off the record, not the sort of thing to say to a reporter if you are gunning for the front bench.

Old Tiger saying: "Leave no witnesses" 

Posted by ZenTiger

Anonymous said...

Oh definitely, it's foolish in the extreme to talk to a guy who does stories questioning the sexuality of your leader, but I have doubts as to how this interview was obtained, perhaps "the tape recorder sitting on a copy of Investigate magazine" was in fact a cellular phone?
Something just doesn't add up
I guess we'll have to wait a week to find out what Tamihere has to say... 

Posted by Nick Eynon

Anonymous said...

Can't believe a seasoned Pol like Tamihere would say those things to Wishart if he DIDN'T want them published. Even if he didn't know about the tape-recorder, or was given a bogus "off-the-record" assurance, he's got to know Wishart couldn't help himself; he'd have to print something, if only from memory.

Two possibilities here: Tamihere is up to something; or Tamihere is stark raving mad. And until they cart him away screaming about the Gay Pixies tormenting him when he showers, and he's chisled out his own teeth to stop the aliens from finding him, I'll hold to the opinion he's up to something.

Posted by J.S. Kern