Monday, April 04, 2005

"A good asset to have on the list"

Aaron Bhatnagar has a piece on yesterday's Herald story about Stephen Ching, (which mysteriously is not available online). Mr Ching, described by designated party blogger Jordan as "a good asset to have on the list come election time", is this year's insincere token gesture to the "Asian community" (see Choudhary, Ashraf) seems have a somewhat questionable past. Labour claims their party list is based on talent, but this seems to show it is based more on demographics and market research than ability. What's even more galling for me as a pair of candidates I favour, who have served their party for several years were pushed down the list into oblivion to accomodate Mr Ching. I guess rural male pakeha farmers don't fit "Labour's vision of New Zealand's future".

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