Monday, April 11, 2005

Genocide of One

Faux-journalist Ian Wishart decides to deflect attention away from being proven to be lying about the acquition of the infamous Tamihere interview by dropping the J-bomb.
The Weisenthal Institute is the same. I’m sick and tired of hearing how many Jews got gassed, not because I’m not revolted by it - I am - or I’m not violated by it - I am - but because I already know that.

How many times do I have to be told and made to feel guilty?
Oh crap.
It's obvious to anyone that Tamihere is finished in the Labour Party now, they can take homophobia, racism and sexism from him, but something that can be construed as anti-semitism is a line they will not cross. Despite what those far removed from political reality say, if he chooses to stand as an independent in Tamaki Makarau he will win with a larger vote than he would've two weeks ago.
Amid the righteous indigination expressed through media outlets, the point Tamihere was trying to make has been missed. Of course, being Tamihere his issue was couched in the sort of language normally reserved for the fat guy in stubbies and jandals at the TAB. What I think he was trying to say was that some Maori are too focused on past historical injustice and murder by Pakeha colonisers. That statement in itself would have raised barely a murmur of complaint, perhaps even approval as most Pakeha love a good dose of Maori-bashing, however by using the Nazi genocides as an example he has provoked 'middle Nu Zillun' into a lather of sanctimonious fury.
Four days ago was the 11th anniversary of the start of the biggest genocide of my lifetime, an estimated 937,000 Africans were killed by other Africans over a period of months in 1994. You'd think with the (totally justified) standard set by last year's saturation coverage of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and today's coverage of the Buchenwald anniversary, the Rwandan genocide anniversary would have been all over television screens in the past few days, but no, much like the recent situation in Darfur, Pakeha don't care about black people killing other black people. We'd much rather watch the death of a salesman and the marriage of an in-bred. That's the real outrage here.


Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to agree that the context of JT's remarks are important in this instance - he was having a general go at the perpetuation of victimehood and particularly with Maori. But I think you go to far with the rest of your argument. I don't think that many people (except the Jewish community) are that much more outraged over the holocuast comments than his views on gays and women. It just seems to be the last straw.

I don't know who you're talking about with the "white people" not caring about what happened in Rwanda. 

Posted by sock thief

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I actually think the whole thing is somewhat humourous, who on earth would make comments like to that journalist thinking it to be "off the record"..I mean come on... 

Posted by Aimz

Anonymous said...

Wishart is as much of a tosser as JT.

Its the case of 2 tossers tossing... 

Posted by Jnzed

Anonymous said...

Nick- any evidence to back up your statement about pakeha not caring about black people killing black people?. I'd be very interested to hear it if you have any.
Seems an extremely racist statement to me.
ditto with the Maori bashing.
I quite agree with the rest of your post and will look forward to your concrete evidence being posted hear to clear up these two little blips.

Allah protectus. 

Posted by TheProphet