Monday, March 21, 2005


According to the Russell, a NZ version of the best TV Show ever, "The Daily Show" will be made with the highly annoying Radar fronting. What the F......? Why? Obviously the producers behind this abortion-in-waiting have never watched the real Daily Show. The Daily Show works because Jon Stewart and co. look like 'real' tv journalists and have the mannerisms and quirks of current affairs reporters down to a tee. The obvious choice to fill the role of a New Zealand Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert is Newsboy, who is brilliant in the role when he wants to be. To make a working NZ version of TDS you'd take "Eating Media Lunch" shake out the junket related crap and add topical news items and some fresh talent (i.e not tired old stand-up comedians) to fill the correspondents roles.
But here's a crazy idea, why don't Sky/TVNZ/Canwest just screen the real Daily Show on NZ TV? I've been watching TDS myself via the internet for over three years now, and everyone I've shown episodes to has loved it, it'd surely do better than geriatric Letterman on Prime.
So until a NZ TV station wakes up to The Daily Show it is available via bittorrent from around 6.30pm every Tuesday-Friday (NZ time) so if you have a fast internet connection you can watch it straight after Shortland Street I mean Campbell Live. Also while we're at it, perhaps a smart TV programmer could also consider screening "Real Time with Bill Maher" (bittorrent link) as well, think "The Daily Show" with less humour and more swearing.


Anonymous said...

"But here's a crazy idea, why don't Sky/TVNZ/Canwest just screen the real Daily Show on NZ TV? "

Yes, yes, 1000x yes. TDS is the business. 

Posted by Anon E Mouse

Anonymous said...

radar? satirical news show?

didn't Newsflash  already fail? 

Posted by noizy