Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sick Fucks

I don't normally like to comment in this blog on American issues which have no impact on New Zealand, but the Terri Schiavo circus just makes me want to scream at my monitor in outrage at these sick fucks in the Republican and Democrat Parties who are exploiting this woman's "life" for political gain.
An interesting fact which hasn't yet made it to our TV screens is that while GW Bush, who took the unprecedented move of cutting short his vacation (even a tsunami doesn't stop a Bush holiday), signed a federal law overriding the Florida law applied in this case, a six month old baby was taken off life support under a 1999 Texas law signed by then Governor Bush. To be fair the Texas law does have a different condition than Florida law, that being as well as having no hope of recovery, the patient must also be unable to pay their hospital bill.

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