Thursday, March 31, 2005

New Blog

America's favourite political football, Terri Schiavo, has started blogging. Despite being in a persistant vegetative state she still makes more sense than Aaron Bhatnagar.


Anonymous said...

omfg lmfao rotfl etc. You made by day with that. Cheers! 

Posted by Will

Anonymous said...

Nice to know I am living inside someone's head rent-free. 

Posted by Aaron Bhatnagar

Anonymous said...

Th blogosphere needs an enema. The NZ political blog scene is too factional for my liking. Only Phil Sage will link me directly you know. I think they are misogynistic as well as stupid, and jealously guard their traffic. Anyhoo they suck. 

Posted by Ruth

Anonymous said...

what bought that on??
Nothing we've done I hope..
I do agree with you to a certain extent....
an example being when a self-proclaimed uber-blogger uses a small factoid he found on this site and presents it as his own finding. 

Posted by Nick Eynon